Oracle/SQL Database

Oracle Database Support Services

E-Solutions is pleased to offer the following variety of Oracle database services to all its valued customers and prospects alike:

Oracle Database Support Services

Oracle Database performance-tuning is a continuous process and could become very challenging to any organization. Let us take all your performance challenges and give you optimal solutions.

Be it a routine to check the database health; diagnosis of serious database issues and to improve/optimize database performance. Let our Expert DBA-team visit you and do the needful. We strongly believe our extensive and thorough understanding on how the Oracle engine functions will help us identifying the root cause of any database health related issues promptly. Our ability to spot the database problems through AWR/ASH/ADDMR reports make us superior from the competitors in this field.

Database Security

Data security is one of the core-essential factors of any organization. With industry standards and best-practices regarding Database protection from the data thefts, unauthorized data access and masking data, we can deploy all kinds of database security solutions to ensure that your data is protected and at the same time meets the security compliance. We can help you achieving Payment Card Industry (PCI) and other security standards implementation on your databases.

Disaster Recovery Solutions (Data Guard)

With our broad knowledge and extensive disaster sites deployment experience at various prestigious sites, we can certainly help you in design and build a powerful disaster recovery site for all your business- critical databases using the Oracle Data Guard solutions. Also, we shall make sure that you achieve the maximum benefits from your Oracle Data Guard value.

Oracle Database Upgrade and patching

We have a good track record of successful Oracle database upgrades with the ability to study your current environment to come-up with a very careful study and strategy to have a smooth database upgrades. The Oracle Corporation regularly releases Critical Patch Update (CPU) and strongly recommends applying them to your existing environment. We help our customers to maintain their systems with an up-to-date Oracle patch lists.

Industry Standard Backup/Recovery practices

Safe guarding enterprise data is one of the top priorities for any organization. We can develop and deploy industry standard backup and recovery policies. With a careful study of your application behavior and keeping in view the SLA, we can prepare the best backup and recovery scripts and strategies for your organization.

High Availability Solutions - Real Application Clusters (RAC)

Frequent service interruption or single point-of-failures could cause financial loss, more importantly, can damage organization?s reputation. We have deployed one of the complex and large scaled Oracle Real Application Cluster setup for any financial institution. If you have plans to implement Oracle high availability solution, let us know to do the job for you.

Corporate and Customized Trainings

We have excellent Oracle technology instructors, masters and speakers who can deliver any tailor-made or corporate Oracle topic that will help improving the knowledge of your DBAs for enhanced productivity. We can offer trainings on Oracle Database, Data Guard, Performance Tuning, Backup Recovery, Real Application Clusters, SQL and PL/SQL fundamentals.

Onsite/Offsite DBA services

If you ever have any challenges in finding skillful DBAs to support and manage your critical production databases, let us assist you through with our onsite or offsite remote DBA services.