Oracle OFSAA

Oracle Financial Services Analytical Applications (OFSAA)

Oracle Financial Services Analytical Applications (OFSAA)delivers a comprehensive, integrated suite of financial services analytical applications for banking domain.

OFSAA enable financial institutions to measure and meet risk adjusted performance objectives, cultivate a risk management culture through transparency, lower the costs of compliance and regulation, and improve insight into customer behavior.

OFSAA Infrastructure

OFSAA Infrastructure is the foundation for OFSAA. It provides support for User Administration, Metadata Management, Processing Framework, Forms Framework and additional capabilities necessary to support the individual business applications.

Oracle Financial Services Enterprise Risk Management

This helps financial institutions to manage risk and address compliance issues, such as Basel II, that demand a close operational synergy between finance and risk functions.Financial institutions can meet the risk-adjusted growth objectives and mitigate the cost.

Oracle Financial Services Enterprise Performance Management

Delivers a comprehensive, integrated suite of financial services analytical applications for enterprise performance management, enabling institutions to manage risk and optimize shareholder value.

Financial Crime and Compliance Management

Provides compliance reporting through a single, unified platform, allowing financial services institutions to fully manage regulatory requirements and combat financial crime.

Oracle Financial Services Data Foundation

Quickly implement specialized finance, risk, and marketing analytical applications that drive line of business control and performance.This helps you drive your business with unprecedented performance, responsiveness, scalability, and manageability.

Customer Insight for Financial Services

Deliver targeted and actionable customer analysis that helps financial institutions make timely and relevant decisions in a rapidly evolving marketplace. This helps the institution to increase customer engagement through actionable customer insights.

Overview :
  • Industry-leading analytical methods
  • Integrated risk, performance management, customer insight, and compliance
  • Shared data model and applications architecture
  • Enterprise-class scalability
Benefits :
  • Actively incorporate risk into decision making
  • Achieve a consistent view of performance
  • Promote a transparent risk management culture
  • Deliver actionable customer, business line, and profitability insights
  • Provide pervasive intelligence